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In 2018, Jasleen Phull embarked on a transformative journey in the beauty industry, initially carving her niche as a talented eyelash technician. Rising from financial adversity, she found that the beauty sector not only offered her a pathway to financial stability but also became a medium through which she could uplift and empower other women. With a parallel career aspiration in law, Jasleen is committed to advocating for women who, like herself, have faced life's hardships and are striving to make their voices heard.


However, Jasleen's dedication to empowering women extends far beyond her personal pursuits. She is the visionary founder of an academy that has been a catalyst for change in the lives of over 2,000 students. These students have not only graduated from her institution but have also found their own routes to financial freedom and personal fulfillment. Remarkably, over 50 of these alumni have even transitioned into educators themselves, thereby extending the reach of Jasleen's impactful teachings to women globally.


Today, her academy boasts a diverse and skilled team of three educators spread across North America. With over three years of expertise, the academy specializes in a wide array of services and training programs, including eyelash and eyebrow care, teeth whitening, and body contouring. Unwavering in their commitment to quality, Jasleen and her team ensure that no theoretical concept or practical skill is left unexplored.


Above all, Jasleen Phull stands as a beacon in the beauty industry by offering both quality and affordability in products and training. Her inspiring journey and unyielding commitment to bettering the lives of women make her not just a successful entrepreneur, but also a role model for empowerment and resilience.

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