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About Us - LashLeen Beauty Team

LashLeen Beauty 

A message from the CEO - Jasleen Phull

The Lashing Lawyer

I began my journey in the beauty industry as an eyelash technician in 2018.  Having struggled financially prior to my training, the beauty industry created new opportunities and a new life for myself and my family. I combined my love for beauty and to help women feel empowered. My path as an aspiring lawyer continues to be able to help women who have been in difficult situations like myself that find it hard to get our voice heard.

But the help for women does not stop there ! I am proud and grateful to have allowed over 2000+ students that have graduated with my academy find their journey to financial freedom and create the dream they have always wanted. Having over 50 of my students become educators of their own, expanding the skills they have learned to other women around the world!

We have now expanded to a versatile team of 3 educators across North America, with 3+ years of experience. specializing in eyelash, eyebrow, teeth whitening and body contouring services & training. We are BIG ON QUALITY, and bringing it all. No theory or skill left unsaid.

Bringing QUALITY and AFFORDABLE products and trainings to the beauty industry.


If you have any questions. want any tips on the beauty industry, questions about products or courses, or just want to chat, feel free to email my team, or message me via Instagram @LashLeenBeauty or email


With Love,

CEO of LashLeen Beauy

Jasleen Phull

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