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The LashLeen Beauty Academy x The Beauty Empire present to you another course collaboration. Bringing you two experienced educators under one informative course.


The online tooth gem training includes a full kit, course cotent, and a step by step training that will guide you seamlessly through the whole process. It is completely beginner friendly and no prior experience is necessary.


The course covers both priming and ethcing bonding.


Live models are required - A person of your choice where you perform the service and upload before and after pictures of your work. Signed and sealed certificates are provided at the end of the course completion 


Kit Includes:

  • LED Curing Light
  • Dental Bibs
  • Dental Bib Chain
  • Protectant Glasses
  • Cheek Retractors
  • 10 Tooth Gems (Swarowski) 
  • FDA Approved Composite
  • Bonders
  • Application Tips
  • Microfibre Swabs
  • Vitamin-E Swabs
  • Tooth Cleansers
  • 1 Etch

Tooth Gem - Online Training

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