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Struggling with retention? Can't quite figure out what you're missing?


The retention  bundle consists of:

  • Sky Bond (0.5-1 second) Adhesive 5ml
  • Primer
  • Adhesive Bonder


Desgined perfectly to balance the PH Levels with the primer, adhesive curing to the correct PH levels, and the bonder closing and completing the open compenents.

They work together to create an unbreakable hold. Increasing retention by 60%. 


Products that are DESIGNED to work together. Our collection of products are strategically manufactered with a team of product engineers to to compliment each other. Products are so much more than something that works good. It is about a product that works well with other products, in different environments, temperatures, and various client types.


Save $15 with the bundle.

Stay a while - Retention Bundle

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