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A new revolutionary product and formula that enhanced your retention game. Say goodbye to retention problems. We have perfected this retention formula to solve any retention issues due to inproper curing.


Bonder is used at the end of your lash set to instantly polymerize your lash adhesive and fasten the curing process without shocking the adhesive. No matter the humidity, the bonder will work with unfavourable humidities, so you can let your clients go in any weather and humidity levels, worry free of retention issues


• Works with ANY adhesive

• Reduces sensitivities and irritations to clients

• Great for irritation prone clients

• Increases retention by 60%

• No more 24 hour water wait time


2 year shelf life. 6 months upon opening.

Good for up to 300 clients.


To Use (for professional use only):

• Completely dry off your lash set

• Using a minimal amount of product, run the brush/microfibre over dried lash set.
• Instantly polymerized with no fumes

Glue Bonder

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