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The LLB eyelash primer is the ultimate time and retention saver.


Lash Facts: Eyelash extensions will not stick to the natural lashes if the lashes are dirty, too oily, contain higher levels of protein, or the PH level of the natural lashes are off the recommended amount. This primer is formulated to combat such and create a seamless bond between the natural lash and extension.


How to use:

• Shake well.

• Place a small drop of primer onto a microfibre swab. 

• Spread over clean lashes. Base to tip.

• Repeat on the other eye


This primer has been formulated to balance the PH levels of the eyelashes to have a perfect forming fit with cyanocrylate found in every lash adhesive between 5-7% (neutral).

•A PH level of 0-7.9 is considered acidic

 •7 is neutral and will not have any affect.

• Any level higher than 7 is considered alkaline.

• Acidic levels slows down the curing process preventing the adhesive to cure and freeze

• Akaline levels speeds the process up.


Works with all eyelash adhesives.

Lash Primer

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