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LashLeen Obsidian Adhesive is a formula made for moderate to high humidity and retaining the best retention all around. No more retention issues, with the fastest and more effective dry times yet of 0.5-1 second, helping reduce your lash time. Perfect for beginner, intermmediate and novice lash technicians.


ETHYL Based Cyanocrylate - Oil & Water Resistant


Ideal in humidity of 40-60% with temperature between 67-70 °F. Optimal humidity levels recommended are 45-57%. 


  • 8 Week Retention
  • Color - Black
  • Viscosity - Low
  • Fumes - Low 
  • Shelf life of 12+ months. 
  • 5ml Bottle


Dry Times with RH%

20-40% 1-2 Second Dry time

40-60% 0.5-1 Second

65%+ INSTANT (Not recommended) 


Contains: Carbon Black

Obsidian - Lash Glue

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Obsidian Adhesive
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