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$400 Course Deposit for in person training course


1:1 Training Course Deposit


Remainder balance due on the day of training.

2 day training + 1 day follow up session


Price: $1500 +HST

Includes: Classic, hybrid, volume, intro to mega volume


Location: Vaughan, 2 Tall Grass Unit 12


Course kit:

Lash trays x 10

Mascara wands

Microfibre swabs

Lip applicators

Lash tiles


Adhesive remover

Adhesive wipes

Electric lash fan

Isolation tweezer

Curved tweezer

90 degree tweezer

Mannequin head

Practice strips

Gel pads

Micropore tape

Microfoam Tape

Lash bath



Tweezer disinfectant

Course Deposit - In person

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